25 November 2008

Lets have a talk about Soccer, movies and sex..

Most of the time when i am out with frens, i usually talk about soccer, movie, sex , gay,car,obama, counterstrike ,etc.. dont try to think that dusun people like me dont know anything..ingat KUNO..bukannya ulu ni..Modern dusun ni eh..keke.. k enjoy cheers


I watch madagascar 2, max payne lately,but still i wanna talk about this movie.. i think its quite not a bad movie but not worth it if there is other movies on the list like james bond ( yang baru ) and so on. What i wanna say its so scary at some times but i fall asleep on one part where they go bla bla.. no ****ing joking here.i think i was tired maybe. The movie is about people sleeping in the coffin to get rid of bad karma... i was like "WTF is that all about".. but as the story goes..i kinda got loss..so my GRADE on this movie which i spent $5 dollar on would be "E"

SEX TALK: Check this question from some weird wife from detroit which i got it from the net... i was laughing my balls off

Question: I've been married for 27 years. I love my husband very much, but I can't seem to get past something that happened. The other night while we were in the middle of making love, he called me by another name. Needless to say, that ended the lovemaking for the night. He has apologized over and over for doing it. He seems to be sincere, but I still can't get it out of my head. I don't think he's having an affair, but one never knows. Am I being too sensitive? What can I do to get over this? — J.S., 48, Detroit




Let me get straight to the point.. i dont give a damn what the press say about arsenal during this season..its pure stupidity on wat they say about Arsene Wenger...he should get sack, he's getting too old and so on.. this can go on from the press.. but if anyone could use their BRAIN to think about Arsenal this season..its just pure class Arsenal have been doing. Most of the season, Arsenal have been playing without ROSICKY, EDUARDO and DIABY most of the time due to injuries.. and still could play well.if a team like liverpool missing players like the likes of xabi or mascherano, i tink they might cry on their knees just to find replacement...(jgn marah k liverpool fans, ani saja2 cakap)

Just think about it, ARSENE WENGER HAS TRANSFORM this side into a world class team from a bunch of unknown youngster. Can any managers in this world do that? NO! cause they use money.Arsene Wenger hardly spent the 20 million mark on players.. JUST look at this season, arsenal transform this kids into title contenders and now sits on 4th place in the table.. precise passing, slick movement, quick one-two, fast movement are just one of the things we see every seconds of arsenal perfomance.. I BET every brunei dollar , its just enjoyable to watch them play... Let me list you history of World class player ARSENE WENGER MADE

T.Henry : Complete Unknown in monaco fc, hardly a threat to any defence in france. When Arsenal sign him, every week,he was the highlight on tv.. Either goal of the week, play of the week and so on..Look at him now, Unstoppable at everytime he touch the ball.. NOW, everyone would like him to be in their first eleven. Barca even said lately "HE'S NOT FOR SALE"

Anelka : Was a total shit at first sight by many france defence, he came to Arsenal at a young age and even hardly reach 1 million. Now , he would cost the whole club budget or transfer finance just to sign him. He score every game now in Chelsea and is a always France National Team Favourite player

M.Overmars : He might never get the name "the flying dutchman" if he didnt come to Arsenal. Just terrorize any wingback ever since he come to Arsenal. Wenger transform him into one of the world class winger . Even the dutch liken him to some legend

Patrick Viera : Wanna know how shitty he was before he come to Arsenal ? He was a sub for AC MILAN RESERVE team.. RESERVE.. and a sub..when arsene come to the rescue..now..who on earth say he is not one of the best def.midfielder in the world.. Once, luis figo call him a fortress in training just because of his influence in the midfield.

ASHLEY COLE : The best leftback in the world? No doubt! From the academy of MR ARSENE, he just scouted him and look at him one time during the youth game, and immediately pointed out that he might be the key to england poor left footed production of players. Instead he become England no.1 leftback

Fabregas : No comment. u should know .. he is just impossible to explain

Ok at the moment..will stop and update again soon

24 November 2008

Dusun Boy got ****

BAD ****ing day..i lost all the pictures from yesterday which i had a thanksgiving dinner in hwa ho mall manggis.. arghhhhh... pissed me off every seconds of today.. btw.. just to update..this pictures are from just now where i had given a quiz to the primary 4 students of Sekolah Rendah Kg Bukit.. AND BTW, TO ALL MY FRENS..SAPA KAN JOIN DRAGONSWORD FUTSAL TOURNAMENT AND IKUT TEAM KU FOR FUN..DO TEXT ME UP OR TYPE IN THE CHATBOX .. ITS FOR FUN .. k cheers n enjoy

Doing their quiz in the class
Still doing

I had two quiz .. one which i held at the hall

This is what every morning of working days at 7.10a.m i do.. assembly

The teachers of Sekolah Rendah Kg Bukit

22 November 2008

"Dusun Boy" Host BBQ Party

Ok.. pictures yang ku post ani dari BBQ party di rumahku.. ku bawa orang2 dari bandar,group phosphor sama orang dari luagan dudok(tutong).. dusun style party ..YEAHHH!!!!

Dua orang ani masuk final winning eleven.. yang manang .. baju putih atu..dapat hadiah jua bah dua2 dorang ani..

PUAK DARI TUTONG.. SEMUA MAUKKK ..eksen saja ada coke sama ice lemon tea ampai2 rah meja


SPOTTTTT... Si didi bakas kerja arena kali ah... bulihh


BOYZONE confirm jealous lau meliat gambar ani



20 November 2008

STILL posting more pics

I am gonna still post more pictures .. aku abiskan dulu posting pictures yang dari laptop yang dah ku simpan berbulan2.. Mostly ani dari Convocation and tyme ku ngajar di SR Penanjong.

Selepas convo, kebanyakkan kami ke pantai ngambil gambar.. Most of the pics yang dari convo i get here are from c dye, naming or wardah..

Pictures were taken in tungku..pantainya

Cool eh.. rugged bah tu

Berapa kali dah ko nampak ni gambar anak c murat....ia suka bercali bah ni..ia tah paksa ketawa

Ani tyme rehersal ni..

Ani semua gambar bakas tyme ku ngajar di sekolah rendah Penanjong.. now,nda lagi ku di sana..ani d SR kg Bukit..i will soon post more on d school ...

Ani darjah 5... very good students of mine.. didnt have any problem

Same..darjah 5..

Semasa rehat.. been great working with them

19 November 2008

Posting more pictures

Posting more pictures at the moment.. Ani during last month taklimat .. will post more pics from last month or last last month ... then barutah start blogging on everyday life.. k cheers

From left to right = Amilin, Aku, Harun, noraimy, lupaku namanya, khai,jimy, hadi.. and yang tunduk si gmin

Hantu kah tu yang nada mua
Taklimat di IPA

si murat bercali tyme taklimat..ia tah paksa tunduk ketawa

askai fc

Ani di rumah c wardah, berehat- rehat sama kawan

Menyanyi sebelum balik..mun nda..nda balik

Ani tyme bengkel di Sekolah Rendah Telisai sama cikgu2 dari tutong II.. membuat animation 2D untuk Spn-21 next year..

18 November 2008

I will show some pictures just for the sake of mengisikan blogku ani.

Ani gambar bulan lapas ni... tyme sama kawan2 di ubd .. bah liat saja tia

Yang first gambar ani tyme makan tyme rehersal.

Mulut ku Penuh? kenapakan!

Anak si murat tu yang di tengah

Happy Moments

Makan-makan sambil posing

Sama jua ni.. makan2

1st Day on this blog thing.

My first time doing this blog thing... since i am bored di skulah, i am doing this blog just for the fun of it...