30 December 2008

42 hours non - stop Enjoy

Hello Earthlings, btw, lately i miss the next two days of lan party and my alasan for that was i went on a non stop enjoyment spree just to buang duit . malas ku kan banyak type , liat saja gambar bawah..k

This is where it all started.. Azri Murat que mcm org kaya..

Apa lagi menahan.. membuang bola tah kami..

Focus and liat rah Azri murat.. menari ia di arcade..

After all the spree, malas tah kami balik..tidur hotel..

we watch "the spirit" the next day and it was a fuck up movie.. One of the worst in the history of movie making.. Frank Miller, the director of 300 and sin city , would not even challenge P. Ramlee movies abit .. ( Buncit parut ku eh ..bauta)

29 December 2008


The most anticipating event of all time .. TFF LAN PARTY.. Ia tah , siuk banar kali ani..it is where the tff geng gather together and have fun for 3 days straight from 27th till 30th of this month.. i only had a day for the lan party and it was fun..i might come back tomorow( shopping bah dulu ).. i wanna thank c.f king for their sponsors on TFF as they gave lots of voucher for us..here are the pics below from the event ..

awu.. aku bah tu !

Huge place for the event.. everyone brought their own pc and laptops from their homes

Owner Mahmoud having a look at the gamers

Smoke Break.. This is where we talk and talk and talk and talk

Rock Band.. Dye and waridi giving a go

27 December 2008

Santa Claus di Luagan Dudok, Tutong

Ok, Before i start, merry xmas to all you dusun n non dusun people. I held an open house for 2 days hoping santa claus drop in my living room but nahh, nda ia dtg ah si lampuh ah. so here are some pics wanna show you lately that is happening in the dusun house ( bukan rumah panjang, rumah modern ni).

The first family that come to my house on the 25th.. kul 10 pagi.. gigi masih bertahi.. bulu ketiak disorganize...

Azwan and azri murat.. setelah kedua2 nya dtg umah..dua jahanam especially yang tengah2 atu minta ampau.. ingatnya hari raya kali ..

Guest having a good time

Ahmrey cakap .. this is one dusun guy who was born to meet me.. never miss my xmas open house.. (luv this dude)

While makan2 and chit chat.. a serious game of pool happen outside the house..

22 December 2008

Banggon Fc Did it AGAIN

The Mini League Hosted by Dragonsword saw BANGGON A strike 3rd and BANGGON B finish 4th in a tournament played by 11 teams... Banggon A won 6 draw 2 and lose 2.. while Banggon B m not sure but they onli lose 3 times in this tournament (BOLEH TAHAN TU) .. watever.. lastnyte, a total of 17 players played for Banggon Fc where 8 players played for Banggon A while 9 players played for Banggon B.. Malas ku kan banyak cakap but the team did magnificently well .. (will update again soon on the analysis of the team)

Ia tah udah ni Banggon Fc yang Main di malam..

Front - yoy
Sitting from left to right - Boy Murat , kimee, Boy Lapar, Akee , Puteh
Standing from left to right - Ajeez Babah , Felix , Hapiz , Ejul Luagan, Jam Luagan , Ejul Yayah, Erman, Labut , Pit, Emmey
Not in the Picture - Harris Ronaldinho

Smoke Break.. Sapa nah yang dusun? (ejul, boy lapar, akee, kimee)

Watching Other teams played

Cuba kamu focus banar2 liat rah Boy Murat.. POSING CUTE IA..AHAHHAHHAHA

Ajeez, Hapiz and Yoy having a laugh.. bergila saja dorang ah semalam

"Mun ganya anjuran ani, sanggup g ku baca surat khabar" nya si Boy Lapar.. (ahahha)..Ajeez babah getting ready for the game.. Heroic as always

20 December 2008

Boring Week

Ok , sorry inda ter-update for 3days.. malas ku bah..nada kan di ceta apa2.. but watever, lately i watch the movie YES MAN .. and the first time for the YEAR 2008, this movie makes the dusun boy proud.... any movies jim carey act, is always a masterclass .. a funny movie as expected.. bah malas ku kan banyak cakap, gonna talk about the pictures below

Atu ia, bergambar rah mall lapas liat YES MAN .. behind us was a huge bag.. kalau kamu selalu liat wayang..ada ni bag ani rah siring lift tingkat 3 di mall ah,baik tah kamu liat,punya besar bag atu jua..Azri Murat which is also know as Boy Murat(haha) memegang handlenya sampai tergugur bah..

After the movie, gmin with his s15... bukan dusun.. melayu ni ia ani.(apakan)

For your information, this is where the gays would be proud of.. Just look at the pic(double click bah, luan jua, kalau espeed kamu slow,jgn tah double click) Ani esuknya, i had to take a fitness test before the big tournament next week which m gonna join fc phosphor.

To all gays, lau kan naikkan nafsu atau cuci mata, dtg saja ke padang teknikal liat kami warming up.. this always happen on tuesday till friday from 4 till 6.30

I was the onli failure in this fitness test.. buncit kali ah parut ah.. kalau ikutkan bah, Dusun ani tah yang paling laju..since aku ani Dusun Modern(eh seh), lain tu jenisnya,laju pulang eh,laju makan bukan laju lari

P.S :- Banggon Fc will be playing a mini league tournament on sunday 21/12/2008 at UBD .. so sesiapa yang interested kan join, msg ja.. Sal aku buat 2 team Banggon A and Banggon B..k tq
Banggon A - Felix, Ejul , Ajeez, Boy Lapar, Hapiz, Yoy, Akee, Kimi, Boy murat
Banggon B - Jam Luagan dudok, Erman , Haris, Labut, Ganglee/Rashid, Dave, Echit

16 December 2008

Who is Banggon?

To start, lets talk about who is Mr.Banggon.. I always wonder how he looks like , what he do before and so on.. as i said, he did past away n yes, he is my grandfather.. the only fact that i know is that he is dusun.and that is officially confirm. but there is rumours about Nini Banggon is that he use to be a world war II veteran(gila tu eh) and some even say that he use to fight with the british due to the fact the british wanted to take over the dusun community. Gila jua tu, lau nda extinct jua tu dusun..ahhaha .. ..And some even say he once "Flying kick" at Wong ku Lup because wong ku lup inda bayar utang.. (entah2 ia ngajar jet li kali dulu..gila tu eh)

I believe watever the stories is .. he might either be a warrior, a bomoh, a soldier or watever, in my heart, i believe he might look like this guy in the pic below.. A combination of a warrior,bomoh and a killer which equals to BANGGON.. (the pic below is an imagination of mine that looks like nini Banggon..keke )

15 December 2008

Makan-Makan Sama Anak Dusun

Actually, ani gambar2 dari last few days atau weeks, entah , lupaku .. But whatever, just updating n posting gambar2 yang alum ku masuk rah blog.. This is where the tff gang makan2 di pizza hut sambil bergila. We lost in netcom on a game of counterstrike before going to pizza hut, so kami buang stress rah pizza hut.. K enjoy baca..

This picture is the MONA LISA of the Dusun Community. Rugged, cool, marvellous,lalalalala .. (apa sajakah) . Ani tyme di luar pizza hut, sigup2.. U can see how heavy we smoke and it also applies to me.. so who cares, jantung ku .

Puak TFF (onli two dusun in this pic)

After all the eating n swearing n so on, we went to ubd immediately, lepak2 till 2 in the morning.. in this pic is fatul and adik si kerol, but actually ramai kami..so much event on that nyte.. sampat g kana bawa kelaie oleh orang kuat 2008, kana bubut kuyuk and so on .. ada saja!!

This is where the next day i went and meet with the manager of Fc phosphor at MYNEST on behalf of borrowing his players to Banggon f.c. He was pissed cause i took his player, but who cares. hahahhaha. (jgn marah diman)

13 December 2008

Excellent Perfomance by Banggon f.c

aieLast nyte in UBD, Banggon f.c which consists of 8 superb soccer players, got 3rd in GROUP C where 8 teams played.. we won 4 and lost 3 times but no doubt from everyone eyes, Banggon F.c had the spotlight last nyte in UBD.. In every games we play, we dominated from start till end but lost on unfair goals where even our heroic goalkeeper, ajeez babah, was injured from hand to knee where he got kick both by the opponent just to score the goal. The fuck is that all about, LOSER. BUT, whatever, I as a Dusun was Damn proud and this is the tribute to all 7 players by having a word on each player perfomances( the tribute is deleted already due to the fact it is eating up spaces in my faking blog). Dusun Boy here Salute all of u where out motto for last nyte was "Enjoy saja, tapi manang ah"

Boy and ejul watching other teams playing.. Posing la,itu la,ini la, Apaaaa saja kah

kimi,aki,yoy,azeez(left to right) - sekali lagi, posing kali ah...

Dusun in the centre.. aku nda posing ehh...Hhahaha (inda ngakun).. having a smoke every interval of games..

Bukan nya kan ku ucap la ah, tapi cawi bah kalau kan meliatkan cute ani.. eh sorry yoy..kkeke

BANGGON F.C - A Combination of Non-dusun and Dusun Players . Guess which one is Dusun?
SIT(From left to right) - Yoy, Akee, Ajeez Babah, Felix
STAND(From left to right) - Hapiz, Boy Lapar, Kimee, Ejul

11 December 2008

Bersukan untuk Dusun

Ok..baru2 ani , for the first time sejak bapa mama ku melahirkan aku, nda ku pernah main dua sukan sekali gus , ptg sampai malam.. gila gilahan.. badminton and basketball . badminton di tutong , basketball di ubd.. BOLEH SUDAH KANA ANTAR OLYMPIC NI.. geng2 yang join the "SUKAN BERSAMA DUSUN" was adi arhan, chuan, zani, adib, biniku,nameng,nabs, nabillah, wardah dan lea.. group clt yang telah menconquer ubd 2005-2008.. k enjoy

Ani tyme main basketball semasa malamnya.. the girls won the boys.. memalukan banar.. si wardah n nameng score most points for the girls while the boys or gay MVP was chuan.i will post more pics ,stories and update on the b.ball thing on saturday.

Makan2 sama dorang.. tyra banks pun banggang ni meliat.. Tyra Banks said "in terms of modelling in brunei, i definitely think brunei is quite good"


This where everything started.. we play in tutong dulu where the partnership of me and zani beat chuan and adi farhan ass from the start...

Spectators and fans ..eh seh ..fans ani bahhh

09 December 2008

Dusun Trip

Last Week i was so damn busy,payah2 ku kan online,inda terupdate lagi.. ia tah ani gambar bakas2 ku field trip ke OGDC sama student2 ku dari SR kg bukit.. It was fun to the max, dari pagi sampai patang.. but after that, lagi sibuk ku, aku jumpa geng TFF ku then jumpa orang2 dragonsword patangnya..ia tah ani ku tunjukkan 5 gambar dulu.. k enjoy

Mind game..u move the ball pakai otak kamu..ia tah udah ni apa yang kamu liat..gila jua tu..nampak ko bola atu di tengah2 ..ia tah aku pakai otak dusun ku ani untuk berlawan sama otak kawan ku yang di dapan atu... akhirnya jua, keputusan nya "dusun kalah"


Student SR KG Bukit ... semasa di tempat tunggu di OGDC..

IA tah lapas dari ogdc..terus ku zoom ke UBD jumpa GENG TFF ku ani.. TFF is not one dusun clan or anything associate with dusun.it is a gaming clan which consists of Call of duty, DOTA, counterstrike and so on.. its quite a big team at the moment which consists of 20 or more members, setiap bulan kami host one lan party , ia tah lakap lagur tu rumah anak orang tu semasa lan party atu.. will post more on tff soon.

LAPAS atu lagi, terus ku ke stadium jumpa dorang ani sal futsal yang held 12/12/2008 ani.. ia tah BANGGON fc is officially joining this dragonsword tourney thing.. will post again more on that soon.

06 December 2008

Dusun update

Ok today,to all you dusun n non dusun readers..lets talk about GAY PEOPLE N WOMAN today..yang banarnya aku ani anti-gay pulang..tapi kan..since kawan2 ku yang banyak gay ani baik n humble n nice..hilang tia anti anti ku ani.. tapi kalau sal gay ani..ia tah cali bah.. Aku inda paham masih napa gay ani rugged.. Tuhan dan God create ADAM N EVE.. bukannya ADAM N JOHN atau ADAM N AZRI.. ia tah kan..mun ADAM N JOHN BAH..aku tah awal jadi gay....setiap hari tah ko liat aku lepak di SOASC tu. Tapi one thing for sure, alum ku terjumpa DUSUN yang gay,mun ada jua la,ku interview terus tu anak dusun ah n masukkan ia rah blogku..bah cuba ko liat ceta ani yang ku dpt dari website yang ku antam click ... CALI TO THE MAX ..

Big penis guy dumps girlfriend for man with huge asshole

Dave Pekering, the Briitsh citizen who holds the world record for having the largest penis, has dumped his Russian girlfriend in order to date a man.
"I'm very sorry for how I treated Marishka", said Dave, "she was a lovely girl. But it was never going to work out between us, what with her having the smallest vagina in the world and me with my cock.It was just inevitable".Only a few days ago, Dave announced his love for Marishka, but has now admittd that he was hiding his true feelings."I was hiding who I really am, trying to appear hetrosexual by dating a woman", admits Dave,"I think it's time to come out of the closet and admit I'm gay.And what better way than by going out with Tim".
The Tim he's refering to is Tim Jaffacake, a bilingual orthadontist with a massive asshole."Me being with Tim", smiles Dave, "is like the perfect fit".We will keep a close watch on this personal drama.Who knows what other secrets Dave is hiding...

NEXT, we gonna talk about WOMAN. Did you dusun and non dusun woman know that if kamu pakai merah or RED, u can attract guys easily...gila jua tu.. cuba kamu baca ni article yang ku dapat dari website ani yang ku terantam2 click.. BOLEH SUDAH KAMU BALI BAJU MERAH SAJA YANG SINGLE ATU.JGN BERI CHANCE..di makro rah sengkurong banyak tu jual baju merah

The woman in red really drives men crazy

If a woman wants to drive the men wild, she might want to dress in red.
Men rated a woman shown in photographs as more sexually attractive if she was wearing red clothing or if she was shown in an image framed by a red border rather than some other color, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.
The men also were asked, "Imagine that you are going on a date with this person and have $100 in your wallet. How much money would you be willing to spend on your date?" When she was clad in red, the men said they would spend more money on her.

02 December 2008

The Dusun Return

Kan mati..inda ku sadar eh..one week dah ku alum ku update blog ani..ahah...aku banyak kaja bah..bah ani ku masukkan gambar2 yang lately ku behapa dalam seminggu ani.. k btw..Banggon F.c players for the futsal will be Azeez(ubd & kilanas), yoy(phosphor), Emmey (phosphor), Boy(dpmm fc management) , ichit(pmld),jul(pmld) and one more soon to be told .. k start hari ani ku update saja ni sal i am bored at school..sorang2 ku kaja di sini..

Since this is like my chance to advertise my car on this dusun blog.. lets say i try to sell this car last month due to the fact aku kan beli keta lain... this is the lancer ex which u can see on the BRUNEI ROAD every day..i was like bored n i need a car yang ku kan target dari dulu..aku cuba tanya rah bank..inda g dpt tukar nama tu..paksa tunggu 6 bulan lagi..entah2 sal aku dusun kali ( nade deh ) .. so i have to wait next year.. so boys n girls n gays, lau kamu kan beli ex ku ani..msg tah aku nanti tyme 2009..

Ok his teeth is white, and yes,he is in hwa ho yayasan.. i met this guy for the first time afta months which was my bestfren dulu..now sal ia kaja n so on, so the main point here is, he wants the admission fee for the DRAGONSWORD tournament before the 5th.. and gaji ku alum keluar..sapa sanggup sponsor team ku dulu..plz plz plz..aku perbaik ku cium idung mu

Ani tyme last week di STPRI .. it was a drama show by most of the sekolah menengah.. and it was great to see that kids nowadays have acting talent like brad pitt, jennifer love hewitt (labih2 jua eh).. i had to attend cause it is a MUST to have one teacher from each sekolah rendah school to go there.. so terpaksa la

Same thing.at stpri..anak si murat di tengah sama c gmin..

entah... kana tampar usulnya anak c murat atu.. ani lapas dari stpri ..terus makan2...