06 November 2009

The start of Pewek Enterprise

Hello dusun and non-dusun, i am here to offer you guys a promotion on having your car wash. I promise you , CONFIRM kilat mengilat keta kamu tu. Sound2 ja lau kan dtg k, tempatnya di luagan timbaran

This is how we do It BABYYYY!!!

U definitely want to have your ride shine just like this cx7 here.

Talai recheck for any dirt on the honda civic ( own by adi )

Look at that yellow car, kilat lah yo. Kuning pun nampak kilat. bah jgn tah lagi batah2 ngantar..antar tia .

The workers will full of commitment and dedication to snow your ride

25 September 2009

Hari Raya 2009

I think this year is definitely a good year and i enjoy beraya every single day(average of 1o houses a day) n probably i had gone more houses than previous years. Enjoy yours and cheers.

Rumah Pauda di keriam

One of uzi friends house in Rimba

At Boy Cousin house. Di Dato Gandi.

Sungai Akar . My best fren house, Faizul and c talur , Mimit

Bakri's Open House. Having fun at his mini hut.

05 September 2009

Nah update

Nahhhh...sebulan sekali ku sign in rah blog dan update...nampak dah nada interest ni..p inda apa..gambar2 sikit2 ja ku liatkan..nda banyak keluar , boss, ia tah nada pa2.. k tc cheers

Team tutong.. iatah ganya ku buat ni setiap hari tuesday n kamis patang..main bola

Sungkai di ... apakah nama tempat nya ani..nu rah ujung ayamku dikiulap.. lama dah nda jumpa kawan2 pundan saya ni

Di kapers..original nyaman...Worth it tu $15 ringgit..ngam... (te karang)

Family outing di muara on 1st day of puasa..

Got a peek at our soluna .. condemn lah boss..nda g dpt d pakai

17 July 2009

June Adventure

This is from a request of a fren yang mahu aku update the blog, actually, i was planning to like forget about this.. But i have COMEBACK(kahmanhar).. K bros and sis, been actually busy with the Brunei cyber games(tua2 bagak masih main cs), my daughter, soccer and so on. But belows are pics of what i have been doing on june(1/4 of june). Have a read!!

Was really happy mahmud celebrate my daughter one month old bday in his house together with john bday .. A lan party was also held before this, n it was all doing good according to tff.All smiles here!!

Adi farhan been lately complaining why i havent put his pic in my blog.. HERE is One

Another typical adi farhan pic.. This tyme with yus, dye and waridi.. All full of different emotions

This is where the Diprimed CAR PHOTOSHOOT got it going.. Held at jerudong , all the sporty, rugged, unbelieveble and fast n furious car gather.. Will put more pics on this Photoshoot in the next few coming days..Pic below shos humaidi the ring leader of this photoshoot taking a pic with his camera yang mahal

Lastly before i go, a pic of my daughter where she is already two months.. Naughty viviy..ehehhe!!

21 May 2009

Kenapa tia baru timbul aneee???

Ok Dusun and non-dusun readerholic, k rini aku post2 ja gambar2 yang happen in the last 3 weeks ani(aku ada baby girl, granddad ku past away)..aku nda ku buat comment atau apa, just see the pic for yourselves .n btw, nanti ku change the headline of this blog "the life of a dusun dad"..kekek... k cheers n c u

30 April 2009

Non-dusun Cousin hilang virgin

Lama tak jumpa ye Dusun and non- dusun readers...bah ani gambar2 from last 2 weeks..cousin ku punya wedding..enjoy ja meliat..k cheersss

Start hari ani..cousin ku yang bernama Rhemy hj Ahmad hilang virgin nya dan telah menjadi "dewasa" ...

Kumpulan ini di gelar Sang Mapok...

Testing duduk

The Sang Mapok gang bergambar sama Rhemy ..

This one here adalah sepupu yang bergambar..

07 April 2009

Dusun Sibuk Sedikit2

K lately this week, i join the rainforest tournament gaming just for the sake of buang masa with frens.. n also karaoke sama2 kawan2 dan saudara2 tuk perkahwinan cousin ku yang kurus (opposite) . k Pics are below .malas ku banyak comment,inda jua kana baca tu

Before the match, had a drink at ah hen thai...

Sudah di dalam,serious matters happen..ahhaa

Since we are bored of the tournament and the game so called counterstrike, we head off to cyberpoint to play LEFT 4 DEAD against some team called SIS. kana sayur kami bui2.. inda g nampak bah usul ah sudah keluar dari cafe.. liat saja mata c alip ah..CAWI

The next day , had a conversation with yus , zani and alip.. we talk alot of stuff .. so much that i dont even remember what we had chat about

The next few days , sebelum cousin ku kahwin, had a karaoke thing going on.. Had the maximum fun walaupun nda pandai nyanyi.. Tomorrow will post an update on the kahwin thing.. alot of pics to show tapi i have to just show 5 .. k Cheers

31 March 2009

Dusun In the news

Ani ceta lama pulang..but group ku ani kana publish arah news paper and palak2 mua ku ada rah newspaper for the first time since i was born on 25/7/1984....so plz do DOUBLE CLICK RAH GAMBAR BAWAH ANI FOR READING PURPOSE .. ( paham ku pulang lau kamu inda kan double click pasal espeed mu atu slow ATAU ada orang di rumah kamu atu mendownload file yang memberi connection mu slow ATAU kamu arah cybercafe yang connection slow ATAU tempat kadai makan kamu atu yang berwireless atu inda ada speed yang laju sal ramai orang di sana).

Happy reading( ia tah double click,bukannya kan di baca perkataan damit2 atu) :-)

24 March 2009

Hard Times

Sorry lately yang ke 50 kali , aku inda terupdate..i am gonna just pics and few comments this time. aku janji until my mom keluar dari hospital ,baru tah ku start mengucap and menghina dan selainnya, so whatever it is ..Here are some pics from the lan party baru2 ani and so on..k enjoy once again n REMEMBER to wear seatbelt if driving..it can save u ..NO JOKE..

Lan party held at red canopy qlap.. for 2 days straight .. 24/7

Sayang banar ku anak ani...mulutnya g cute...cam pondan d bandar (nahhh, terucap ku, i broke the rules)
Outside having smoke break

Makan2 di atas red canopy..tapi nasi katok..Efra inda g ingau bah meliat camera..

Xnox posing.. i believe tff is going foward very well in terms of organizing, business, gaming(dota nya masuk dah top 10 di KK ) , n gayness( lau nda mengucap, nda sanang usulnya aku ani)

06 March 2009

Dusun Join Pro Evo

To kick off after 2 weeks in terupdate, aku ada rasa kan ku tutop dah ni blog ah..sibuk hantap to the max(buduh, palui, sial)...k lately, aku bawa diriku main anjuran pro evo di yayasan. jrg dah ku main ni anjuran ah.. ku antam saja tia.. k below are pics of me being like a fucking small kid playing games.k cheers

This pic below is a challenge between number one and number two from the group...and that is muthafucking why i had a fucking Marung(angry,marah) face going on..i own this mofo from the start ,,ahahhaa(bangga) ..

This was the last game against one of the organizers..the only opponent i couldnt win.. drew 1-1

Same thing

One of a few frens from tutong who join the tourney... Lau kamu inda kenal yang baju biru atu, then u must be from a fucking cave..this guy is the most talkative dude on the whole planet ever to be born

need a smoke break after all those war

21 February 2009


Last nyte, i got one of the most embarassing(salah kali ni spellingnya usulnya) moment of my entire life..this is insane to the max..i thought it was just a meeting on lan party or hoodies or some shit, but instead i got a heart attack sambil atu, merah bah mua ku on the spot..just look at the 2nd pic below(wtf is that supposed to mean).. but watever,,thanks yus and the tff geng for your labih2..TO YUS and MAHMOOD AND ZANI : Who the fuck said i want to quit,when before last nyte i was fucking trying to recruit a player to tff?

GOT a fucking massive shock , dusun seperti saya tak biasa ni begini..

The cake say "FELIX, THE KEY FROM: TFF" <---- WTF DUDE, menyindir atau apa tu...ahhahaha

We had a post before kok(raiden) leave the meeting

Our meeting start with a bad news and end up gila2

Before last nyte, took a post while lepak2 rah gdg JUST TOY ah...dont get fool by those two mofo at the back,there are no waiter..ahahahhahaha...frens from nc..k Cheers.